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What can I expect when hiring Susan Farley Photography for my assignment, business or personal use?  

You can expect to receive a variety of the highest quality images from a highly experienced photographer who treats you like the important client that you deserve to be, Susan will discuss your goals for your images and give you an outline of how to prepare for the most fun and beautiful shoot. Susan uses the highest quality 35mm SLR cameras and a variety of high quality portable studio lighting.  You are also guaranteed a highly personalized experience designed just for you. 

How much do you charge for a photography session?

 Susan Farley photography works on a variety of assignments ranging from an individual portrait session, magazine assignment as well as large range corporate and commercial portrait and event storytelling assignments.   The costs of the shoot depend upon the requirements  and expenses of the assignment.

Every client is treated with the utmost respect and will delighted with the photographic portraits or event photography images.

 Regardless of the size of the assignment you as client will receive VIP attention.

Contact me to get a quote for your job. I will get back to you right away.

Do you shoot in a studio or on location?

Susan Farley Photography will travel to your location or a mutually chosen exterior or interior location. If a studio is required for a photo assignment, Susan has access to rent a studio in the NYC area.

What were your favorite celebrity portrait assignment stories ?  

My answers are three-way tie for Stevie Wonder, Billy Joel and Keith Richards.

I photographed Stevie Wonder while on staff at a large NYC newspaper.

 Ordinarily I do not feel any difference in photographing a famous face with a fabulous non-famous face, I love finding the personality moments.

Yet this was phenomenal for me, as I have been a life-long Stevie fan. And everyone should know that as nice and incredible as anyone could imagine, please times that by 100. Stevie was willing to give me as many shots as needed, plus, and I like to shoot every opportunity and angle a photo shoot will allow.

At his keyboard he played a few favorites. The reporter said “he is serenading you”— Life long fan Am I!

Billy Joel story, I had photographed Billy Joel in concert before, and wow-does he give amazing performance photo ops.  I was called by  a major out-of-town paper to photograph an interview portrait of Billy. The editor explained that they had originally sent one of their staff photographers, Billy Joel came to the door wearing sunglasses and told the photographer here take my photo, ok too late and then went back in not coming back out. This was the story third hand and I do not know the details yet-I was shaking in my proverbial boots as I drove out to Sag Harbor to meet the reporter and Billy, wondering if I would meet the same rejection?  Well, Billy could not have been more accommodating and friendly even inviting us over to his Sag Harbor apartment for additional photos.  He also played his piano for me—Go figure????Fabulous!

The Keith Richards story is simpler, he was being interviewed in his PR agents office. I set up a simple light setting in the lobby-as I was not able to shoot the actual interview.  He was soft and kind—I said to him “I’m sure all photographer’s tell you that you have such an awesome face.” He recanted, “Really, really you think so? No, pretty much never?”  So at that moment I captured his genuine appreciation smile-and a great portrait.

What are your favorite photographic subjects?

PEOPLE, PEOPLE and MORE PEOPLE,  Each Person is totally unique and has a story within them!




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